Hoof evaluation package

– 1x Full horse hoof evaluation (all 4 hooves)
– “Understanding Hooves” eBook
– 1x follow up hoof evaluation
– Documenting trims form and a video lesson from my hoof course teaching you how to use it
The hoof evaluation involves the analysis of the hooves through looking at various aspects such as
horn tubules, growth lines, frog stay and more. This will help you learn more about hooves in
general and about possible issues in the hooves of your horse. Also included is my hoof eBook, teaching you a little more about what goes on within the hoof as well as addressing common myths surrounding hooves. You’ll also receive a documenting trim form which will help you keep track of your horse’s progress and figure out which trim is best suited to him (this is usually only available to students in my hoof course). After the trim has been adjusted to your horse there is a great follow up evaluation waiting for you! This will compare the previous evaluation with recent photos of the hooves, giving you an indication of what you/ your trimmer has been doing is helping restore the hooves or worsening it. This package is suited for every horse
owner and is perfect for getting on the right track by figuring out what is causing pain for your horse.  This is only for one horse, if you want to have evaluations done for more horses you can purchase the package for the first horse and for additional horses purchase full hoof evaluations.